When quick, swift action is needed

FlorMidabìl Ricarica

FlorMidabìl Ricarica

100 billion probiotics in 4 strains
to promote the balance of the intestinal flora

1-2 times a day

*Thanks to the presence of stevia, a natural sweetener, Flormidabìl sachets meet the needs of those who want to avoid excess sugar in their diet and need to keep their blood sugar under control.

Flormidabìl Ricarica is the probiotic of the Flormidabìl product line when a quick, swift action is needed.

Recommended in case of:

Acute colitis

Infections of the gastrointestinal tract

and intense treatments

How to take FlorMidabìl Ricarica

FlorMidabìl Ricarica

Available in orodispersible sachets or capsules, suitable for adults.

Take at the most convenient time of the day, with an interval of at least three hours from the possible intake of an antibiotic.

The Product Line

Flormidabìl is the complete line of probiotics that helps you promote the balance of gut flora, thanks to a combination of up to a 100 billion live microorganisms in multiple strains with a unique and exclusive formulation with a ratio of 75% bifidobacteria and 25% lactobacilli.


To feed your well-being
day after day

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To promote gut balance
when needed

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When gut flora
needs an extra help

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